Monday, April 21, 2008

app please

i use picasa to manipulate and retouch my pics before i upload them to facebook and i swear by it. it's the easiest program you're ever going to find out there that can do some amazing things.


and there's always a but. i don't use the picasa online album,. if i did, i could just push the little "web albums" button and send my pics as i retouch them. it would be so easy!

i use firefox. an excellent browser. why is it excellent? because you can customize it any way you want with limitless add-on apps and grease monkey scripts.

so the question i have is, why can't we have the same with picasa? i think it would be a much more powerful and popular program if it did / could.

get picasa free here
get firefox free here
(thank me later)

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