Monday, April 07, 2008

ipizzle ma nizzle

ever since i fondled my first iphone i wanted one. but i've been patient. waiting, and waiting. listening to the rumors and hearsay. as supposed launch dates are pushed back and now there's talk of the 3G iphone being dropped on the US market in 60 days.

i've been told so many half truths and out right lies about why it isn't in australia yet (one telstra sales guy told me that the handset wont' work in australia at all because it can't connect to our networks and i'd have to send it to apple at a cost of $500 for a software upgrade so it will work here - seriously. i've also been told by some moron that it won't can't work here because we use 2G technology).

there's a few hurdles for apple to overcome in australia. firstly, their release plan is considered anti-competitive here and the ACCC won't allow the exclusivity of one carrier. secondly, it's no secret that australia has one of the worst internet and mobile data package speeds and pricing (meaning you get slow speeds, and have to pay lots for it). so even if we do get the iphone, it will cost a fortune to run it on an aussie network.

that said, i just sold my ipod touch (itouch) and will be upgrading to an iphone in the next two weeks.
bonus: here's a video of someone playing networked quake on two itouches.

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