Thursday, April 17, 2008

... therefore i am

yes yes, i'm a sheep. a consumer-whore. i have an iphone.

first thoughts:
 - having an iTouch first, i'm finding the iphone to be quite bulky
 - the recessed earphone jack is a pain in the arse
 - loving the external volume controls. they make life so much easier
 - contacts section will turn you into a details freak
 - the ear proximity sensor is novel, but usefull
 - despite all the lies, it works fine on aussie networks...
 - although, data costs are ridiculous! nearly $2.50 per MB!

that said, it's a great little device. happy i've got it. though with all the talk recently, it seems aussies will only have to wait two months till we get the 3G one here. lets hope they tighten up their atrocious data pricing before then.

ok, now i really need to start posting about something else, becase this is starting to look like an iphone blog.

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