Monday, May 19, 2008

almost fifty questions...

dodson posted a questionaire on his blog... you know the ones. but hey, it's monday, so why the hell not.

paste it into the comments and put your own answers into it.

What is your mum called?

Go anywhere nice on your holidays?
trekked through the central highlands of vietnam

What is your favourite chocolate bar?
milo bar

How many pints can you drink before you fall over?
i'd say nearly eight

How old were you when you found out about sex?
grade two playground, eimeo road state school from brendan peacock

What would you like for dinner?
kangaroo fillet with sweet potato mash

How old is too old for a man to go skateboarding?

Which member of your family is the worst cook?
we're all pretty good. oh, wiat, no god, dad. definitely dad.

What colour are your pillows?
cream and brown (they used to be white)

What did you last buy from eBay?

Boxers or y-fronts?
comando (in the jungles)

What was your worst subject at school?
maths a

When did you last take a photo of yourself?
two weeks ago for the mackay mercury

What is the worst day of the week?
i don't work 9-5, so they're all good.

What side of the bed do you sleep on?
righty, tighty

Semi-skimmed or full fat?
emi-skimmed? wtf? full on baby

Guns 'n' Roses or Metallica?
it's november rain all the way

Sea or swimming pool?

What's your favourite animal?
definately not a gerbil.

Surf or turf?

What's your favourite breed of dog?
labradore or boxer

Inn-y or out-y?

Are you right or left handed?
right (it's never wrong)

How often do you get your haircut?
i live with a hairdresser so i should get one al the time, but i don't. so like, more than monthly

What's the best freebie you've ever been sent or given?
hand printed limited edition t from

What's the hardest word to spell?
octogenarian, or pseudonym, or antidisestablishmentarianism

Who do you vote for?
not k-rud that's or shizzle

What's your favourite girl's name?
"girl" as in: 'you, girl, get me a scotch'

What is the rudest word you know?
"get your cunt out" (actual text sent to the rejection line)

Have you got any tattoos?

Which part of you is the most attractive part of you?
i have an unusually large scrotum

Nirvana or Oasis?
what's the story? it's nirvana!

Are you getting bored of these questions yet?

What do you love about Europe the most?
winter coats

What does the media mean to you?

What's the best day of the week?
i don't wake up before 11 every day, so s'all good.

At what age were you happiest?

What's wrong with pop?
it's increasingly outputting unmemorable, throw-away ttunes that add nothing to our culture

What's right with pop?
pop? he tells the best stories about the war.

Are you good in a fight?
fuck no. i'm all flailing hands and screams.

What's the best location to park a caravan?

What word do people incorrectly use to describe you?

What word do people correctly use to describe you?
extremely funny

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