Friday, May 30, 2008

end of an era

it's the strange time that exists when you hand in an assignment - it's the longest possible time before you have to hand in your next one. ahhh the freedom.

i haven't really spoken about how i'm finishing uni for good in a week or two. it's been a mad rush of assignments and more so i've been favoring twitter to micro-blog my random thoughts and junk.

quick update:
 - i have my asus eee laptop and it rocks. tine enough to throw in your bag and packs just enough punch for everything you need it for (internet and work on the go)
 - photo exhibit is going swell. had a lot of interest in it and rics want me to show them at their restaurant next. so stay tuned.
 - label is going off. had more press, this time in the fashion journal.
 - working on an idea for a cook coffee table book. there's some hard copyright problems that i need to work around first, but it shoudl be pretty cool.
 - hating the rain! it's the scooters' only fatal flaw (that and the 60km limit)...

over and out.

for now.

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