Wednesday, May 14, 2008

label press

we've been receiving some amazing press lately everywhere from brisbane, mackay, the US and France. and this has piqued interest from as far as london and tokyo.

it all started with the trendwatching ste Josh Spear doing a quick write up about last months range.

this was quickly followed by an article in scene magazine which brought us an amazing amount of people to our site.

then of course, an article in the hometown paper of mackay who wrote an article about their little bloke from andergrove.

since then, we've had some shirts featured on "but this t-shirt"

and a write up on french website ecrans.

the whole range has been really well received and we've enjoyed creating these pieces for people all around the world. we've also had some good feedback from stockists and are look forward to getting stuff into shops next financial year. so keep an eye out.



Deb said...

Cool! Now I can say I knew you when......

Unknown said...

yeah, you're old skool

B and D said...

was the one in french a good review or bad review?...they said something about merde?

Unknown said...

ah no, i put it through the google translator and they're quite fond of the teeth design.