Tuesday, June 10, 2008

iPhone 3G

It's here.

At 3am this morning Steve Jobs announced the new iPhone. it's a slimmer 3G capable model with a sleek plastic back. the main differences are that it has improved battery and dedicated GPS - you'd hate to own a GPS company now (except for Garmin).

the launch wasn't without disappointment though. we were all hanging out for a front facing camera (despite never using video calling here in Oz anyway), and an improved camera. but these are really just 'meh' anyway.

the big news is that the iPhone will be priced under US$200 for the 8GB (white version) and $299 for the 16gb version. although i'm praying for it, it'd be a little insulting if they dropped a 32GB version on us in a couple of months. the low price point is bad news for all those iPhone 1.0 owners wanting to sell their old phones on eBay.

the other big announcement was the new features and apps on the new 2.0 firmware. they look marvelous. I'm especially excited about the mobile wireless gaming.

so there we have it. a newer, slimmer, more powerful iPhone with GPS. but will you buy one? i'll be upgrading because I'm a fanboy and that's what i do. I'm sure that it will be mob rules when it's released here in Oz on the 11th July. although, the choice of carrier (vodaphone / optus) will depend on data pricing.

if you want to pre-order one, click here (optus).

link to iPhone 3G ad

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