Thursday, July 31, 2008

looking back

looking back at my blog posts when i was just about to give up full-time work and become a full-time student. like this one. or this one.

it's funny how i thought that i'd blog more when i had more time. the truth is, as always, that with more time i blog less.

the babaysitting job i talk about in the first post never materialised, but i've done some crazy things to pay the bills on minimum wage such as;
 - paid beer tester for a consumer research company
 - selling my paintings and photos
 - selling all my belongings on ebay
 - landscape labourer
 - medical drug trials
 - fruit shop pimp
 - freelance project management
 - ad model
 - temping
 - strip club barman

it's been a great journey, but i'm glad it's over. i have my graduation in august, and as soon as i get back from over seas i'll start looking to re-enter the workforce.

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