Thursday, July 17, 2008

Maasi Wandering Fundraising

thought i'd share a letter i received from buzzy today. donna does some amazing work over there and if you could spare anything for these little ones it would be much apreciated...

Hi All,
   I thought I would forward this email on to you. For those who dont know, Donna is Dougys sister. She lives in Tanzania and she has a number of projects over there supporting the Maasi. Dougy and I had the opportunity to visit the school and an orphanage. It was moving to see how much work Donna had acheived. This is a new website she has set up for donations. With all of your support we can help Donna expand her projects. I have attached some photos of when Dougy and I were there so that you can see that you can see the place where your money is going.
  Thank you

I've set up a web page at

Come support me as I participate in  in an effort to raise funds for Ilkurot, Esilalei and all our other projects.

Spread the word - please forward this email to your email address book so that the Maasai Wanderings really benefits from my efforts.  Please, please, please do not feel obliged or pressured - but this is a way for me to let others know that if anyone is able to help, they can now do it online quite easily. Many, many, many people have asked me and so we have now found a solution and a tax-deductible method for the Aussies.

Thank you,
Donna Duggan

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