Wednesday, July 30, 2008

new iphone

so of course i'm getting the new iphone 3g.

there's nothing wrong with my old one, but i am apple's bitch so i want to new shinny one.

it's 3g, and it's going to be faster, and if you've ever looked at web pages on the edge network, you know that it's a frustrating process. and the new GPS will be handy and more accurate.

so in order to get one i've had to sign up for a contract which can be scary. i checked them all out and the best one available right now is optus. i checked out telstra and it's as if they aren't even interested in getting the iphone business. optus have just released an 'all you can eat' for $119 a month which gives you unlimited calls and texts to any network plus 1GB of data, which is more than you'll ever need.

so what to do with the old one? i can either keep it as a back up, or sell it on ebay.

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Anonymous said...

I'd kill for one of those shirts.