Friday, August 01, 2008

new search engine: cuil

why do startups try to out-do google?

there's a new kid on the block called "cuil" (pronounced 'cool'). they boast that they index more pages than google's search engine. so i checked it out.

i typed in the name of our label 'mistormissus' into google and got page after page of results back. then i typed it into cuil and was told that there are no pages refering to our label on the web.

and when you type 'cuil' into their search engine, it's never heard of itself.

fail. epic fail.


Anonymous said...

Apple fan boy? Check.
Google fan boy? Check.
Biased and opinionated? Check.

Anonymous said...

ahh anonymous. way to keep me honest. keep up the good work.

thanks for reading.


Natali said...

There is a new search engine. The new visual search engine, it is only for kids. :)

Unknown said...

yeah and it's never heard of 'cuil' either. ha ha