Thursday, August 28, 2008

Telstra hates the iphone

I'm trying to get Bec an iPhone so she can use it on 3. To do this you
have to buy one outright from Telstra so offbi pop to the telstra shop.

I ask the nice girl how much they are to buy and she asks me if I am a
telstra customer to which I reply that I am not and she smirks, saying
that I can't have one then.

I get the impression that they are a little pissed that I'm trying to
buy one to use on another network.

Being a persistant bastard I ask if I could have one if I bought a pre-
paid card. And after checking with her manager, she begrudgingly gels
me that I can, but none of the features will work (smirk).

When I ask her why she fetches the manager as if I was being a
troublesome customer. When I talk to the manager I'm told that the
particular iPhones they have, have been programed and hardware that
only work on telstra rearrless of the unlocking.

It seemed as if they were lying to me in the hopes that I would throw
my hands up in surrender and imediateky sign a contract for another

I found the whole experience hostile and upsetting that they'd behave
like that. They have the worst plans for iPhones around, and they
offer outright purchases of the handset, so why get so upset when a
customer wants to buy one?

Fuck you telstra.

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Anonymous said...

i homestly thought things woulda been on the way up when sol trujillo an the 3 USA amigos came to town .. . but they was to gangsta an howard an coonan didnt gell with em .. then change of government an then more stalling an telstra an trujillo just been in limbo for to long...

an with 1 of the amigos, Phil Burgess, Telstra’s Group Managing Director, just bailed back to the US, its only days until youll see a presser about telsra boss trujillo packing his bags an goin

Anonymous said...

in my humble opinion ofcourse...

shout out to the hawthorne side...

wurd sd -_-