Thursday, September 25, 2008


i'm an apple fanboy, it's true. i am truely apples' bitch.


there may be another.

google launched it's G1 phone today through t-mobile in america. and it looks bloody awesome. apple has truely paved the way and changed the dynamic of mobile phone manufacturers and telecomunications providers. in the past providers would totally dictate the development of handsets. but apple turned that on its head with the introduction of the iphone.

and here we come to googles' amazing G1 HTC handset. and while i am an apple fanboy, i'm also a google fanboy. hence my dilema. i use lots of the google apps and programs, reader, docs, gmail,  etc etc. it'got some ood fetures, like a physical qwerty keyboard 3P camera , but the best thing i think is the 'compass' mode GPS integrated into google maps.

but it does have it's flaws. 1 GB storage is one of them. so is a smaller screen. and time will tell how good the apps are for it. though it is a true contender.

check out the walk through here.

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