Sunday, September 14, 2008

do good things, good things happen.

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After my 10 high school reunion last Saturday night my iphone slipped out of my pocket in the cab home. I was a little upset the next morning upon realising this, however, that's what insurance is for so I made peace with my stupidity and went about my day.

The next few days I spent putting a bar on my simcard, calling the cab company and preparing to treated like a criminal by my insurance company for making a claim. So it was a big surprise when I received a call from a man on Wednesday morning. This particular man had my iphone. Was he calling just to boast? Ha ha, I've got your iphone! Certainly no one would return a found iphone? No one was that good, right?


Wrong. He was calling to let me know where I could come collect it from. Madness! I was shocked. Apparently a porter had found it in the back of a cab when he was fetching the mans' bags from the boot and handed it to him. Why it was in the boot four days after I lost it I don't know. There's no sticker on the phone saying "this belongs to mark", so he goes into he facebook app on the iphone, finds out who "I'm in a relationship with", then finds her details in the contact list on the phone and calls her.


Long story short, I have my iphone back.


This whole experience has made me really question myself. Would I, being in the same position have done the same? I'm maybe a little ashamed to admit that I wouldn't. But then again, I'd have to experience it to say for sure.


I'd like to think that most people would do the right thing in this situation, but the truth is that people as a whole aren't good. Ok, maybe that's a little harsh. I think it depends on the situation. Had the person who found my iphone been a poor student working a part time job with no chance of being able to afford one, I think they'd keep it. But if they were a managing director of a bio-medical company (as the man who found my iphone is), then I think they'd be more likely to do the right thing. But there are exceptions to everything. And I'm sure you'd get a poor man who is honest, and a rich man who is not. I was just (extremely) lucky to get the right combination.

Do good things, good things happen. Do bad things, bad things happen.


Unknown said...

That's awesome, you'd have to be happy about that mate!

Unknown said...

well, i did say last week that you'd better pray an angel got hold of your iphone sir!!uhh..guess that guy disguising as a managing director was in fact ANGEL???...awesome really...give your iphone a name..somethin' like precious? gem? lost and found? haahhh..whatever...