Tuesday, September 30, 2008


the rejection line is a little project that i started four years ago. it got some press and spread like wildfire receiving thousands of calls per day. i haven't given it much though for years, but finally decided to update the recorded greeting and am looking at creating a dedicated site for it. at the moment you can go to therejectionline.com and see all the text messages that are sent to it. it's just ticked over the 100,000 text mark and is recieving a bit over 50 a day at the moment. and that's only text messages.

the site at the moment is owned and run by chris who has put in some great features like a search engine where you can search anyone's number to see if they've been rejected. you can browse the messages and click on a number to see all the messages they've sent to the number. some of them are bloody hillarious.

check out the site here

rejection line number is: 0419 317 446

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