Thursday, November 27, 2008

christmas list

Its that time of the year yet again and this time I've given my Christmas presents a great deal of thought. So without further a do, I present, my ideal Christmas presents.

ipod boombox

sure it isn't compatible with my iphone, but who really cares when it looks this cool, right?

universal solar charger

we're planning a lot of camping trips and this little sukka would ensure that ipod, phones (or maybe an ipod boombox) wouldn't run out of juice in the wild.

4 hour work week

I've been reading tim's blog for a while now, but not his book. Why is this?

master chief figure

sure, it's a little geeky, but it would sit perfectly between my storm trooper and indianna figures. Though, these would be cooler

gears of war figures

same goes with these….

The Vice Guide to...

there's a few vice guides out there; guide to sex drugs and rock 'n roll, travel, do's and don'ts etc. they're all good.

night vision goggles

I could sit here and make up all sorts of reasons why I need these but they'd all be lies.

Ipod 3G dock I need one. Simple as that.


only big tools use big tools, these micro tools rock.

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