Friday, March 20, 2009

next gen iphone/itouch

warning: drunk blogging

ok, so there's new iphone 3.0 software on it's way out (and it's awesome) to fix all the shit problems and shortfalls with the ipizzle (that the palm pre product was developed chiefly to exploit - hellow gap analysis). the buzz on the net is that there is a new iphone model on it's way out because someone found a reference to it in some developer code and apple has apparently ordered a bunch of 10 inch touch screens from china. 

note: the following claims are totally unfounded and complete drunk-blogging heresay based on me skimming my google reader articles.

if you ask me, i think it's not the iphone they are looking to change, it's the touch. i mean, seriously, there is such a tiny sliver of difference between the touch and phone (being a sim card) that the two products are almost indistinguishable. here in australia you can get an iphone with a few hundred in calls for as little as $70 a month or shell out a few hundred for an itouch. they need to create a point of differentiation between the two. a great way to do this is to distinguish the itouch in someway that will set it appart from the iphone.

so imagine a 10 inch apple itouch internet tablet device? like a netbook, only more compact, and with better features. everyone assumes the revision will be the iphone, but apple has to be crazy to redisgn the phone. can you imagine anyone carying around an even bigger iphone? but a larger itouch makes sense.

time for more beer.

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