Monday, June 15, 2009

rejection line texts

just finished trolling the rejection line texts. it's always good to check em after the weekend for the best ones...

heres some gems i found:

Omg are u the guy i rooted on friday?

I love you

Hey babe you were so good last night, wana go another round ? X

Hey gorgeous sex beast last night was amazing ;). Your so much fun. I promise i wont tell matt about You only having one ball. :) hope to see You tonight

Jacqui i had a gr8 time last nite and im so glad i found another lesbian of my type. Btw i left my underwear at ur place so id really like them bak cos there my only pair! Love u xox

Hey Tim. All waxed and clean. Got 2 clients now so I will be free after 4...

Babe you were so good last night. Keen for some more fun tonight? ;)

I just got rejected HAHA

more at the website here.

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