Tuesday, September 22, 2009

darren anthony duggan

i remember when i first met duggy. he is a big guy and casts an intimidating shadow, so i was a little cautious. but that's the surprising thing about duggy; he was a big man, but gentle and funny. his humor was so disarming and genuine that you couldn't help but laugh along with him. when buzzy was off studying in mackay duggy and i spent a lot of time together in brisbane. he would come to my place most fridays and stay all weekend, we would sit around drinking coopers pale ale, laughing during the day and rage all night. he was a crazy man. a spritely, cooky fellow, a big clown. for a big fellow, he was approachable in the way that you wouldn't expect.
bec and i were planning a caravan trip with buz and dug around New Zealand this time last year and i was only just reminiscing with him about this ill-fated journey that never ended up happening. they left for abu-dabi just after that and we were always planning a trip over there which we never got around to doing. i'm really happy that buz and dug got the chance to travel and see some amazing places and have some truly great experiences together. just looking through the pictures on his facebook shows just how much the big guy loved life and everyone around him. i remember that i'd known duggy for a few months when buz called him 'darren'. i must have looked confused because buzz said, "you didn't really think his name was dug duggan, did you"? that always made me laugh. duggy la duggan.
duggy was the funniest person in the room and it always seemed so effortless. he was always surprising, not only in the ways he could make you laugh and his wit, but in the things he did. i remember that he used to drive to brisbane from the sunshine coast just so he could DJ on the 4ZZZ radio station's graveyard shift. but that was duggy; he loved music. he always said that he was going to open a music shop and just listen to good tunes all day. and one goal he had was to organise his own music festival... something that i had no doubt he would have eventually pulled off. he introduced me to a lot of music. he was so passionate about it and had a great depth of knowledge. he influenced all of the music i currently own. he was an influencer, an authority figure. and although i never saw him teach, we could all tell from the way he would talk about his students, that he was a great teacher.

i guess the thing that sucks duggy, is that you were traveling and i was always waiting for you to come back, or for us to come and visit you, and with us up here away from everyone, it.. i don't know. it just feels worse.

love you mate. i miss you, but you will never be forgotten. god i miss you.

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Unknown said...

I just read this Poo! I typed Darren Anthony duggan in google and yours was the first page to come up. It brought tears to my eyes, so nicely written...I miss him so much too! Hopefully we'll catch up again soon, Dooty xx