Sunday, September 06, 2009

life without iphone

i'm totally retarded and a complete consumerist whore as some people have pointed out in the past. but i just spent three weeks without my iphone and it almost killed me. i know i rely on my ipone to do a lot for me, but i never realized exactly how much. planner, organiser, contacts, gps, internet.

that said, i am pretty excited to see what mr. jobs tells me i have to buy next week at the keynote apple event. everyone's talking about the much anticipated apple tablet just like they always do, but this time it might be spot on. if you consider apple is known for taking established products and releasing better, more user friendly versions of it, the netbook market is mature enough to accommodate this. Adding to this, take a look at the plethora of iphone imitators out there in every single new phone model being churned out there and we might even see a  revision to the ipod touch.

anyways, this post has gone completely off topic yet again.

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