Thursday, October 15, 2009

TOKYO: packing

we're off to Tokyo next week and i'm already organising my packing. just like last time, we will be packing light. in my opinion, there is no better way to travel than with nothing more than a small backpack camera and a passport.

here's the packing list:

 - jeans, t-shirt, comfortable shoes and jacket (that i'll be wearing on the plane)
 - 3 x t-shirts
 - toothbrush (scavenged from the plane over there)
 - small money clip
 - passport
 - travel itinerary
 - power point adaptor
 - camera (waterproof olypmus), 2 spare batteries and two 512 MB memory cards (so they can be easily burned to a CD)

i'm toying with the idea of taking my iphone over there. i'd like to be able to use the GPS function to get around and the translation app. i'm thinking of getting a pre-paid sim card while i get there.

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