Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TOKYO: take off

We bought a liter of gin at duty free and two hip flasks so we could
sneak drinks in flight. Changing $500 to yen is a little depressing and
Sonia the rip off conversion rate.

We secured seats in the exit row so we were space rich but surrounded
by a dozen middle aged bogans heading to the Tokyo motor show.

I got one of the personal media players to kill some time. Damn it's
massive. And heavy. It's got a 10 inch (approx) screen in a 20 x 12 x
4 cm unit that weighs about 2kg. The catalog of movies and shows in
it is pretty poor; only 5 movies and 6 tv show episodes. It has a USB
port so I'd be interested to see what would happen if you connected it
to a laptop.
All things considered I found my iPhone more entertaining.

I've been sneaking gin from the hip flask all flight now and only 5
hours to go till we land at 8pm. Then we have to brave the trains and
walk the streets to ind our hotel (which has the awesome name of
"Hotel NUTS").

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