Sunday, December 06, 2009

things to be excited about: square

the guy behind paypal has come up with his latest venture called 'square'. it's a tine box (square) that fits into the headphone jack of your iphone that you run credit cards through to accept payment from. you can sign on the touch screen and instant receipts can be text'd or emailed to you.

it's one of those blindingly simple ideas that just make sense. especially when you look at the costs involved in setting up a eftpos machine. but the beauty of this is it isn't just for business. the opportunities really blossom when you think about other applications outside normal business areas for this.

Devils Advocate: is this the future or are cards in tehir death rolls? i.e. internet banking, phones as payment methods etc?

check out their website here.

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Something said...

What the hell, this is sweet! Such a good idea.