Monday, February 15, 2010

sunday arvo project: fixing the iphone

i haven't been able to take photots on my iphone for a while now. it started with my 3G and continued when i upgraded to my 3GS. there's a lot of chatter on the interwebs about pictures not showing up on the camera roll, showing up as black thumbnails or not being able to take photos with the iphone at all. there are a lot of potential solutions to this problem and i tried them all until i found the one that worked for me.

First Fix: access iphone using IphoneBrowser. find the .MISC folder in the file list and either delete this folder or the .PLST file. rundown of the problem fix here.

Second Fix: if for some reason you have taken 9999 pics on your iphone and when you take one more it doesn't show up, it's because there's a known bug on the iphone where it won't click over to 10000 go here for a fix.

Third Fix: this is the one that i used and worked for me. the reason for the problem is that when i plugged my phone into the computer i used the windows explorer to delete photos off the iphone. by doing this, the next photo i took on the phone recorded a photo with the same image name as an image that the iphone thinks already exists. as a result, no photos can be recorded and any images on the camera roll show up as black thumbnails. none of the fixes on the net work on this error. i got a new iphone that could take pictures, but when i load my backed up profile on it the problem comes back on the new handset. the problem exists in the the profile on the phone and isn't a hardware problem. if you buy a new phone the problem will persist. there is only one fix for this problem, but it fixes it completely and wont' return. and it's pretty simple to do.
 - step one: make sure you have Outlook installed
 - step two: connect your iphone and open itunes
 - step three: in itunes, right click your iphone and backup.
 - step four: under the 'info' tab on the iphone settings, choose to backup all your data from the calendar, contacts to outlook
 - step five: click restore and create a new iphone profile
 - step six: restore all of your contacts, calendar, bookmarks, notes etc from outlook.

the only thing you will lose doing this will be your text message history. everything else will be intact. this fixes the problem entirely and completely. i was hesitant to do this so i tried all of the other fixes first, but this is the only one that truly fixes this problem.

good luck.

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