Saturday, April 03, 2010

iPad lust and envy

i realise that i've actualy been a little quiet on this blog about my lustingo for an ipad (scoot). so here it is. i can't wait to get one. i've been reading the reviews and now that the first ones have started arriving in the US i'm a little anxious to get my paws on my very own. i read a great review from xeni at boingboing:

Maybe the most exciting thing about iPad is the apps that aren't here yet. The book-film-game hybrid someone will bust out in a year, redefining the experience of each, and suggesting some new nouns and verbs in the process. Or an augmented reality lens from NASA that lets you hold the thing up to the sky and pinpoint where the ISS is, next to what constellation, read the names and see the faces of the crew members, check how those fuel cells are holding up.

I like it a lot. But it's the things I never knew it made possible — to be revealed or not in the coming months — that will determine whether I love it.

it sums up the expectations for this device which promises to create a new paradigm much the same way that the iphone did before it. there's not long to wait now, but i'm anxious all the same.

mark allen

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