Saturday, May 29, 2010

New publication: THE SWEATSHOP

it's been a bit quiet on the ol' blog front lately and i haven't even picked up an xbox controller for a while either. i've been a little distracted by a little side project i've been working on for the past few months. before i get onto that though, let me give you a little background. since moving to NQ, we noticed the distinct lack of street press up here and it didn't really make sense considering this is a defense and uni city. a massive proportion of the population up here is made up of young people so why don't they have a magazine to talk about all the goings on up here?

 ...enter THE SWEATSHOP.

This magazine is a free street press that covers all the local bars, clubs, cafe's, art, music, and more. The magazine is only part of it though with pop-up galleries, street art exhibitions and secret gigs planned. Understandably this has taken a lot of planning and work and we're still not there just yet. The first issue (Issue#0) to hit the streets is pegged for July with the second issue (Issue#1) coinciding with the launch party.

check out the website and send me any feedback you might have... until then, stay tuned.
the sweatshop

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