Tuesday, August 10, 2010

got married.

to anyone that might be reading this blog and not realize... beck and i got married friday 06.08.10

we'd been planning it for a while now. at the age when all of our friends were getting married, we were really turned off by the idea of a wedding but still wouldn't' mind getting married. so we had planned this for a while. we woke up before dawn that morning, got dressed in some simple casual gear and went to a local park. we set up our camera on a tripod and took some funny pics with our bulldog, then called past a local cafe were we grabbed a couple of locals and walked to the magistrates court and signed the papers.

beck got in contact with a designer that specially made our rings with a stamp on the inside that left an "always" mark on our finger and we got a matching solid "engagement" ring because we were neither getting engaged or really having a wedding so it was a cool alternative.
after signing the papers we headed to a river front restaurant and had lunch, just the two of us. i really nervously fumbled a real diamond ring that I'd put a lot of work into, not only sourcing and changing my mind, but hiding from Beck for the past weeks, and gave it to her over icy cocktails by the river. for the first time since i met her she was speechless.
beck should be credited with making an amazing website for our "wedding". so when we had uploaded all the pics on friday night we sent a text with nothing more than the web address to everyone (including all of our family who were only hearing this for the first time) and turned our phones off.

the rest is history.


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