Saturday, December 04, 2010

How to kill a duck WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!

Howard's journey has now come to an end because he's now marinating in our fridge.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!!! stop here if you don't want to see real images of a slaughtered duck. you have been warned.

i was about 10 the last time i'd helped kill a duck so i thought i'd share some tips on how to go about doing it properly.

Firstly, there are a few things you'll need:

- An axe

- Very sharp small knife (can’t stress “sharp” here)

- Bucket

- Wire

- A big pot (big enough to hold a whole duck)

- Thermometer

- Large bucket or laundry tubs

Step One:

Anyone who says that the most cunning game to hunt is man has clearly never tried to chase down a duck that senses the coming axe fall.

Once you have it, hold it by the feet upside down until it stops flapping. Prepare the duck with a quick, hard smack over the back of the head with the blunt side of the axe to stun it.

Holding the duck’s legs in one hand, stretch it’s neck over a hard surface and swing down hard. Make sure your aim is true and you’re sure you can finish the job with only one swing.

Be ready for sprays and flaps so get the carcass wired upside down over a tray or bowl to drain.

Step Two:

While the duck is bleeding out heat your water to about 65-70 degrees (you don't want to cook it).

Once it’s at temp dunk it in the hot water to loosen the feathers for about 30 seconds. Now you have to work for your dinner. Plucking the duck will take about 40-60 mins. If your duck is older than 12 weeks you’re up for pin feathers so grab some tweezers.

Step Three:

Now your duck is (finally) free of feathers you need to gut it. There’s two oil sacks at it bum that you need to remove first and then carefully cut along its stomach and around its bunghole. Carefully pull it’s insides out with enough force to remove the intestines but not rupture them.

I found a lot of small stones inside the bird that help its digestion.

Step Four:

Wash out the carcass. If you're marinating, prepare the marinate - I used a vacuum sealer to marinate the bird before freezing.


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Anonymous said...

You must be dumb and seriously ill considering that you have done a name to your food....

Anonymous said...

It's something I want to try out but I heard neck dislocation is more humain. I've killed duck the a fox had a go at and it upset me but it's not something I would find easy to do.(i beat the fox up with my bare hands because it bit me while I tried to rescue my flock)
When do you strip out the oil sack things to you cut round the vent then ease everything out?

Amanda G said...

Thank you for posting this! I can't imagine it is to hear all the criticism... It is hard for me to imagine slaughtering my own ducks on my own, as I wasn't raised on a farm. So thank you again for sharing your experience so that some of us first-timers may learn =)

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Ayastigi said...

Thank you for your post. I have raised rabbits and slaughtered them I have recently acquired a small flock of chickens and ducks and look forward to eating them. I too name all my animals and for the individual who said you're seriously ill for naming your food I say they either must have never had to fend for themselves or are stuck on the welfare train. I take great pride and pleasure from raising my own food. The greatest thing about it is they aren't filled with unnecessary crap and I know what I'm eating. you mentioned the oil sacs but did not get into detail as to how to remove them or what I'm looking for to locate them.

Unknown said...

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