Thursday, March 24, 2011

I found this blog post I wrote on a plane in Thailand last year.

I was going through my iPad's notes and found this blog post I wrote on a plane over thailand last year But never got around to posting it. I remember being a little drunk when I wrote it at close to midnight in a crowded, smelly plane...

A guy two rows ahead of me in economy farted really loudly on the plane. I was used to covert airplane gas but reminded me that most people travelled plugged into some sort of iDevice these days and are largely unaware of the world around them. I remember not even two years ago, I was amazed to see a fellow traveller whip out a mini laptop (before the days of widely embraced netbooks) at a cafe in Ho Chi Mhin city and today I tap away on my iPad on a plane mid flight.

This is where I must confess that I'm a fanboy. But even I was a little apprehensive about the iPads ability to live up to the uber travel tool set out by the legion of fans and media hype machine. But when I severely underestimated the amount of media needed for four days on south east Asian flights I was, for the first time, in awe of the absolute power apple commands as a media distribution powerhouse.

From my beachfront bungalow, and thanks to an unlimited dl quota, in was able to populate my library with a satisfying amount of rental movies, shows, podcasts and more for what was a minor fee considering the mind numbingly medialess (yes, it's a word) road ahead of me.

But the real coupe de grace came from being able to free yourself from those stinky Internet cafe's by directly uploading pics, blogs and etc throughout the faebooks, dropbox's, and what nots that are extremely accessable through ths tiny, thin, highly powered world window.

On my holiday I was able to keep track of work on two clients accounts, upload pics and (un)witty updates to facebook and check the weather as it happened in real time from my beach front bungalow in Thailand.

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