Thursday, May 05, 2011

sionara osama

the plane taking us back from the brisbane seafood festival had just touched down back in townsville and all of the impatient passengers who had unbuncled their belts the moment the plane touched tarmac were lined up in the isle when we overheard two guys behind us say that aparently osama was dead. it was one of those huge things that you hear that spread at the speed of speach and you're not quite sure if it's true, like the time i heard steve irwan had died. you don't want to spread it until you're sure it's true, but it's one of those things that you can't help but ask 'did you hear' and 'do you think it's true'?

being a garison city it's common to see army backpacks in the crowd of carry on luggage. one of the guys standing in the isle behind us said to his mate "maybe we won't be sent to afganastan next month" and this demonstrated just how far beyond a simple fix of killing OBL the 'war on terror' has gone.

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