Wednesday, February 22, 2012

happy birthday to me

well, technically it's not until tomorrow.

tomorrow i'm 31 and to be honest i didn't even realise it was nearing my birthday let alone my 31st until i called adam (adrock) on feb 14th to wish him happy 31st. the last two years have been a real blur. i've held a national marketing manager position, thrown it all in to follow a dream, eloped with a beautiful girl to be married, run my own consultancy and seen the birth of my baby girl.

i look back at some of my previous birthday posts on this blog and it's an insightful  look into the past of where i was and where i never thought i would be right now.

like this post i made when i decided to go from working full time as an ad exec and studying part time to becoming a full time student for my last year and a half (working odd jobs and generally being a bum). i had no idea what i wanted to do and no idea if putting all my efforts into study would pay off. but it was a liberating time and i got to break the office chains, travel the world and live a pretty good life while i peddled my bmx bike around the back streets of the valley.

a year later and on my next birthday I'd made a list of things i wanted but as a student earning $230 a week i would never have been able to afford. it's funny to look through this list and see some of these things like a time magazine subscription - never did get that 3d doodle kit! i was living a very carefree life at this stage. i was a year into my student life, working at various bars, living lean. i was so poor at this stage i would have to make excuses if people wanted to catch up over drinks out (unless i knew the bar tender) or go to a restaurant (unless i knew the waiter), but it was a good life.

so, fast forward to 31.

things have changed. and i know that if i was face to face with the markoos of back then he would approve. long story short, i would never have thought i would be living in NQ, but i'mm definately very happy with where i am, what i have and the two girls i'm sharing it with. but a good lesson to learn from looking back is that you never know where you'll be even six years from now. circumstances change and life gives you what you get (poetic, i know). for now we're settled here in NQ, Winnie's 2 month's old, the sweatshop is about to be granted it's liquor license and click clack is building into a good business. hopefully i will be able to pull off the first annual townsville seafood festival next year and launch another line of t-shirts and accessories opposite beck's label (i've stated this for future mark to look back on this).

i think that the last couple of years have gone by so quickly because we've been working so hard to get to where we are now and i think that this year all of this will align to bear the fruits of our hard work - TBC.


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