Thursday, April 26, 2012

new business torpedoed.

i've been working on a new business for the last few months that would see us install a fresh food cart on the JCU townsville campus. The idea was to provide access for students and staff to fresh, healthy and low cost foods on campus - at present they have a choice of very expensive semi-healthy or very cheap fried foods so this would fill the gap in the market.

$3 can get you some fried chips or $18 can get you a salad. but there's nothing in-between. we wanted to offer students a range of sushi rolls, salad wraps and fresh juices for between $3 - $8. it would give students access to something that they normally would have to leave the campus to get - and we would be open past the 2pm closing time that all other providers follow.

we approached the uni and gave them our research and the page of student comments asking for us to provide this service on campus. however, we were told that the university is quite happy with their current offerings. they have an agreement with the student association in place that prevents other food providers from entering the campus. the end result is that they will continue to make students have to go off campus to get access to healthy affordable food (and provide no food / drinks after 2pm!).

despite our best efforts and rebuttals they are steadfast. 

so for now there will be no "tuckshop" and no affordable healthy food on JCU townsville campus, which we think is a shame. 


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