Wednesday, July 04, 2012

today we discover the higgs boson

i think it's going to be funny to look back at how people thought that the CERN large hadron collider was going to destroy the world considering we have just discovered the elusive god particle (higgs boson particle - link).

Australian scientists joined a global chorus of welcome for the news. Here's Professor Anthony Thomas from the University of Adelaide:

Today's announcement that the Higgs boson has been discovered at CERN represents the most important and profound discovery in particle physics in almost 30 years. The Higgs represents the key missing piece of the jig-saw puzzle that is the famous Standard Model of nuclear and particle physics. It has been anticipated for more than four decades and were it not there theorists all over the world would have been back to their drawing boards in desperation. Now that it has been found, there is not only a palpable sense of relief but a great deal of excitement as we begin to pore over the details of the various experimental results to see what hints they may have for completely new physics which goes beyond the Standard Model.

this is only the beginning and there's so much more to learn from this point on, but what amazing discovery to make so early on in the LHC life considering we didn't expect to find something like this p early.


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So where is my time machine damnit?!