Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bike crash and penthrox fun

On my way to work yesterday my bike disintegrated beneath me and I ended up falling hard on my back in the road. Thanks to some great people I was carried off and waited for the ambulance on the side of the road while tears of pain streamed down my cheeks.

I had my tires replaced a week before and the bike shop hadn't tightened the nuts holding the wheel in place so when I came around a corner it slipped off. I was pushing down withy right foot at the time so the motion meant I fell towards the right side. I tried to roll but ended up wearing the brunt of the force on the back of my right hip and head. If I wasn't wearing a helmet it would have been much much more serious.

I was afraid I had fractured my pelvis because I couldn't move and had localized pain where my spine met my pelvis but X-rays showed no breaks. So now I'm off work for a week and very sore and stiff.

I will be checking the wheel nuts every time from now on.

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