Monday, November 05, 2012

I'm still walking hard and have a lot of pain but I'm recovering from the Nike crash with the help of some pain killers. They're making me hella sleepy and unproductive but it helps through the day.

We almost have a decision on getting a spit at the Townsville uni which we should hear back this week. If we get it that means a lot more work, hrs and late nights, but that's how we grow.

Winnie is slapping the ground as she crawls about the place. She's so close to walking and her squawking is almost turning into words.

The ville is really heating up as will be a toasty summer. I haven't told beck, but I'm putting together a ball pit and jumping castle for her first birthday on Boxing Day.

Really looking forward to Christmas, practice baked hams, and Christmas movie marathons soon!

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