Monday, February 11, 2013

Winnie feb 2013

Dear Winnie,

Just a quick note if you're reading this sometime in the future. Here's a quick overview of you as of feb 2013 aged one year and a bit:

- you love barkley. You love to roll on him while he is sleeping and pull his ears while he sleeps. Barkley however doesn't love this.
- you've just learned to squeal and grunt while pointing at what you want. You will learn to make words, but now you're content with screams.
- "Little Boss" is what your mum and I call you. Refer to the above point.
- you're obsessed with your tv shows. You have your own iPhone and iPad and you're now able to navigate to your favorite shows all by yourself. your favorite show / clip at the moment is "dumb ways to die" - I've seen dogs show less attention to a t-bone the you do to this clip.
- Jaffles. they're like your heroin. I really wish I could make a better analogy, but seriously, you go mental when you see one and can't have it immediately.
- youlove blowing raspberries and shaking your head from sides to side. I have a theory that I creates a low oxygen high because you giggle and fall over when you do it, but that might just be a happy coincidence.
- stacking things, putting stuff in other stuff and hiding important things. I've lost many cards, keys and miscellaneous stuff that is later found in shoes, dog bowls and nappy boxes.
- dipping your fingers in maple syrup makes you happy.
- pointing and shouting "wassat?"is your main form of communication.
- you have an uncanny ability to know where your trike is. Even when we hide it.
- you love being at the sweatshop cafe and carry on Ike you own the joint, crawling up to everyone and slapping them on the legs.
- words you can say: mumma, da (dad), ankee (hank), ok, wassat (what's that), ta.

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