Thursday, March 14, 2013

never been so busy

it's a really crazy time right now. but i love it. 

my current projects:
 - The Sweatshop: of course. we are ramping up capacity and adding a new business modules and expanding in various ways. we've never employed as many staff as we do now. it's been a good struggle to manage it all but i'm glad i've got beck to back me up. 
 - The Seafood Festival: with less than 6 months to go it's really heating up. We have a little sponsorship and grants but not enough just yet so we're working hard to make this happen. with a 3 year lead time it's been something i've only been able to allocate a couple of hours a week to, but now it's taking up much more. we have a secretary, business development manager and intern working hard to bring it to market. fingers crossed.
 - new side business: there's a real trend towards old school barbers that we found from our last trip to sydney. this is a universal trend that's growing and we think it's time townsville gets a taste. so stay tuned for that little bastard of a creation to pop up. 
 - 3D printing expo: we're hosting a 3D desktop printer that school kids will be able to create designs and then print them as real objects at The Sweatshop. it should be fun, but it's a lot of leg work. 
 - winnie. nuff said really.
it'll be interesting to see what works out and what doesn't. we are continually trying things that work and some that don't. some things you think will be sure fire hits sometimes crash and burn and some of the most unlikeliest become really great. only time will tell if these work out. 

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