Sunday, March 31, 2013

Stuff to do

I'm a productivity hack whore. I'm always trying new productivity hacks, apps and programs. The latest ones I'm using are trello for iOS (not sure what it stands for or means) which I'm using for work in progress (WIP) items for my projects (seafood festival, 3D printing schools program, short film festival and community Instagram exhibition) and I've found it a great way of keeping track of what's happening, what's next and tracking loose ends.

The other ones are fitness an health apps. I'm flirting with a self made spreadsheet shared to all devices through Dropbox, run keeper and myfitnespal to keep track of exercise, booze and food. I only hope my pebble watch arrives soon so I can get more connectivity going throughout the day. I've had to order a battery back for the phone to meet the battery demand of constant gps tracking and background app processing.

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