Tuesday, July 16, 2013

long leave from blogging

here's why i've been absent from logging my life on this blog:
1) winnie
2) the first annual townsville seafood festival
3) an explosively busy sweatshop

organising the festival by myself has meant i've been effectively working two full-time jobs. it's been exhausting emotionally and physically. as it draws close i'm completely run down, sleepless and getting sick. i remember back to when i sat on the balcony of a bar overlooking the street one night with beck and speculated that a festival could be well received. two years later and i've managed to almost bring it to market. it's been a painful birth.

there's been lots of roadblocks along the way but now of them were the ones i expected. hte issues i thought i would have with council, government and local businesses didn't happen and i instead got grey hair inducing strain from really unexpected places.

with a couple of weeks to go until we make this happen i'm finding myself looking froward more to it being over than it actually happening. that's not to say i'm not excited - i just can't sustain much more of this work load. i wish i could enjoy the day when it happens. but i'm sure everyone will have a great time.

in other news:
 - we hired a chef this week to meet our increase in demand on the sweatshop
 - winnie is a bundle of energy, mis-placed arrangements of the five words she knows (two, poo, no, mine, ta)
 - haven't been back on my bike since the crash last september (almost a year ago now)
 - we're about to sign a lease on a new commercial space (eep!)

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