Friday, October 10, 2014


Since moving to North Queensland we've been able to have a lot of freedom and flexibility and the ability to realize opportunities that have presented themselves.

Recently beck and I created a small barber shop/espresso bar concept called The Quarters. It has been a great vehicle to show how innovation can succeed in a small market. As always though we like to take on new projects and stay waaaay too busy. So I'm happy to announce that today we have sold The Quarters and will be opening a boutique digital marketing agency while beck will be reopening her Beck Jane West salon. 

We are really proud of The Quarters and we know that our fiercely loyal clientele will be really happy with the person that will be taking over the shop. The new owner, Garry, is a coffee nerd that puts me to shame and we know that he will continue what we have started and exceed the current offerings.

The digital agency will operate under The Sweatshop brand which is well known in NQ and originally started with me when I was freelance marketing. 

Stay tuned for more updates.

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